Same Sex Attraction

"Friendship with God constitutes our ultimate end. The ministry of the Church to persons with a homosexual inclination must always have the overriding aim of fostering the greatest possible friendship with God.” – U.S. Bishops, 2006


COURAGE offers spiritual-based support groups to help men and women who experience same-sex attraction and who have made a commitment to strive for chastity.

EnCOURAGE is a spiritual support group within Courage dedicated to the spiritual needs of parents, siblings, children, and other relatives and friends of persons who experience same-sex attractions

Church ministry to persons experiencing same-sex attraction

“The Church seeks to enable every person to live out the universal call to holiness. Persons with a homosexual inclination ought to receive every aid and encouragement to embrace this call personally and fully.” – United States Bishops

Resources for understanding and accompanying those experiencing same-sex attraction
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  • Courage/EnCourage International - Courage and EnCourage International is a Roman Catholic Apostolate which offers support for those who experience same-sex attractions and their loved ones. The Courage/EnCourage website offers an abundance of resources to support men and women experiencing same-sex attractions who have chosen to live a chaste life. Families and friends of people who experience same-sex attractions will find help and support to understand the experience of their loved ones more deeply and to foster healthy relationships within their families.
Resources from the USCCB
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