Marriage and Family

Catholic marriage is a calling from God to a shared vocation of life and love. The sacrament of marriage joins the human and divine. The couple becomes one in Christ. It establishes a lifelong partnership, an intimate bond of love that is free, total, faithful, and fruitful. The sacred union of the couple is welcoming of children and in service of family.

Marriage vocation is a call to holiness. The intimate union of the couple and the community of family are meant to be a reflection of God’s fruitful and self-giving love. Even with the best of intentions, marriage is not without its challenges and struggles, which at times will put true love to the test. Often human weakness and failings compete with the divine calling of spouses and parents.

Here, you’ll find information and resources on preparing for the sacrament of marriage and living out your marriage and family life to the fullest, from newlywed and beyond.

Nicole Joyce
Associate Director of Family Ministry
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Marriage and Family Support Ministry Specialist
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Associate Director of Engagement
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