The Office of Marriage Support, Archdiocese of Detroit has compiled this listing as a resource for parishes as a component of a couple’s parish marriage preparation. It is not a comprehensive list nor does it represent an endorsement other than Bold Beginnings Marriage Prep Retreat which is an Archdiocesan sponsored pre-marriage retreat.

Marriage preparation takes place within the local parish over a minimum of six months.

The marriage preparation process is an opportunity for each individual and as a couple to grow in their faith, deepen their understanding of the sacrament of marriage, and ready themselves to welcome the goods of Catholic marriage and family life. The hope is that every couple seeking a Catholic marriage will experience a sense of warm embrace and belonging in the parish community.

The pre-marriage retreats and workshops listed here are part of the overall marriage parish marriage preparation process. They offer the opportunity for the couple to reflect upon their relationship, the sacredness of marriage, and to thoughtfully consider the various aspects of entering into the lifelong union of Catholic marriage and family life.