The Archdiocese of Detroit has had ten synods since its establishment as a diocese in 1833.

Bishop LeFevre convened two synods (1859 and 1862), covering the following areas:

  • Regulations concerning the clergy, establishment of the Board of Consultors
  • Enforce the decrees of the third provincial council of Cincinnati
  • Obligation of parishes to establish schools and of parents to use and support them
  • Obligation to support certain diocesan charitable organizations
  • Expanded code of regulations (for clergy) and uniform liturgy
  • Supporting the construction of a new Cathedral
  • Creation of diocesan structures (e.g., Board of Consultors made permanent, division of diocese into deaneries)
  • Regulations regarding the clergy, and the celebration of liturgy, directions to deans and pastors, assistants and chaplains
  • Teaching Office of the Church
  • Temporal Goods
  • Creation of diocesan structures – Delegates (e.g., Clergy), Departments (e.g., Christian Worship), Offices (e.g., Administrative Services), Councils (e.g., Religious Priests )
  • Lay participation in parish, vicariate and diocesan councils, especially bolstered influence through the parish councils
  • Principles of Ecumenism in religious instruction, as well as understanding of non-Christian faiths.
  • Accountability at the parish through lay participation, parish councils, financial reporting to diocese and parish, parish budgets, financial planning, limits on transactions (spending and property sale up to $10,000 pastor can carry out; up to $50,000 Vicar needs to approve, after $100,000 Archbishop needs to approve)

Bishop Borgess convened five synods (1873, 1878, 1881, 1885, and 1886), covering the following areas:

Cardinal Mooney convened two synods (1944 and 1954), covering the following areas:

Cardinal Dearden convened one synod (called in April 1966 and completed in May 1969), covering the following areas: