Marriage & Family

Catholic marriage is a calling from God to a shared vocation of life and love. The sacrament of marriage joins the human and divine. The couple becomes one in Christ. It establishes a lifelong partnership, an intimate bond of love that is free, total, faithful, and fruitful. The sacred union of the couple is welcoming of children and in service of family.

Marriage vocation is a call to holiness. The intimate union of the couple and the community of family are meant to be a reflection of God’s fruitful and self-giving love. Even with the best of intentions, marriage is not without its challenges and struggles, which at times will put true love to the test. Often human weakness and failings compete with the divine calling of spouses and parents.

Here, you’ll find information and resources on preparing for the sacrament of marriage and living out your marriage and family life to the fullest, from newlywed and beyond.

  • Marriage Preparation »

    These are the steps to follow before you begin planning for your wedding ceremony. Here, you'll learn more about the requirements of getting married in the Catholic Church.

  • Natural Family Planning »

    Natural Family Planning, or NFP, is a scientific method of birth regulation. It is the norm for Catholic marriage by which a couple learns to interpret the natural, biological signs of fertility and infertility. Here, find classes, resources and help in your efforts toward limiting or achieving pregnancy.

  • Marriage Support »

    Marriage is a lifelong shared journey that begins with excitement and anticipation. Expectations and hopes are high. As the journey unfolds there emerges the need for the couple to adjust, reconcile and equip with the happenings, choices and realities of Catholic married life together. In the following resources you will find helpful articles, book titles and links to support and enrich your marriage.

  • Family Support »

    Catholic families are meant to be nurturing and safe environments where children are valued and receive training in the faith and virtues. The primary goal of Catholic families is to graduate children who are disciples of Jesus Christ. There are many reasons and factors why family life can become stressful or problematic. The following resources are offered to assist with the different challenges and needs that your family may be encountering as spouses and parents.

  • Women's Ministry »

    Our Mission as members of the Council of Catholic Women, Archdiocese ​of Detroit, is to bring women together to share their faith; to grow spiritually and to unite in performing works of charity both in our community ​and abroad.

  • Separation / Divorce »

    Separated and divorced Catholics are deserving of compassion and support from the Catholic community. The impact of divorce is often immense and multiple. Children are especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of separation and divorce. Divorced Catholics may consider remarriage following a decree of nullity, commonly known as annulment. These are some helpful resources.

  • Process for Declaration of Nullity »

    Any person who wishes to enter marriage in the Catholic Church, and who has a former spouse who is living, needs to look at the possibility of a declaration of nullity in order to determine that they are free to marry in the Catholic Church. The fact that a couple was married before a Catholic priest and two witnesses does not necessarily guarantee that all the requirements were present to establish a full and valid marriage.

  • COURAGE – Support for persons experiencing same-sex attraction »

    Courage apostolate is a ministry of the Catholic Church, which offers information, resources, and support to persons with same-sex attractions and their loved ones. Courage has been endorsed by the Vatican Pontifical Council for the Family. Blessed Pope Paul II said of the Courage ministry, "COURAGE is doing the work of God!"

  • Pro-Life »

    A wide spectrum of issues touches on the protection of human life and the promotion of human dignity. The Church offers many resources, ministries, and support of local and national activities which support and promote the culture of life.

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