Chancellor and Canonical Services

The Code of Canon Law assigns three tasks to the Chancellor: archivist, secretary, and notary (cf. canon 482). To this end, the Chancellor’s Office works closely with the Archives Office, which is directed by a professional archivist who orders and preserves the historical collection for internal and professional research requests.

The Chancellor’s Office:

  • collects and organizes policies relating to the Archdiocese
  • provides canon law legal advice to the Curia and outside sources
  • prepares and notarizes canonical decrees and rescripts
  • facilitates approval for parish/school projects involving capital spending, leases/entering major contracts, renovations to worship spaces, capital campaigns, and those other transactions identified in the Parish Finance Council Statutes
  • provides statistical reporting to various outside groups, including the Official Catholic Directory
  • facilitates pre-Marriage dispensations and permissions, and transmits to other dioceses pre-marriage files.
  • facilitates principal consultative groups (Presbyteral Council/Finance Council/College of Consultors) and coordinates canonical elections
  • supports parish corporations through meeting preparation, record keeping and filings

12 State Street, Detroit, MI 48226-1823
12 State Street, Detroit, MI 48226-1823