College of Consultors

Every diocese is required to have a College of Consultors, drawn from among members of the Presbyteral Council and stably established for five years. Among other things, the Consultors aid the diocesan bishop in administering the temporal goods of the diocese.

Expenditure Approval Request (EAR) and College of Consultors (CC) agenda online submissions:

Submit your EAR here
For expenditures of $25,000 and over, but under $100,000, as well as some other transactions as listed in the Parish Finance Council Statutes.

Submit your CC Agenda item here
For expenditures of $100,000 and above as well as some other transactions as listed in the Parish Finance Council Statutes.

For questions on these forms and the online submission method, please contact the Chancelor's Office at (313) 237-5847 or

College of Consultors Meetings FY 2020-21
Last week of August, 2021Agenda item submission cutoff August 24
Fourth week of September, 2021Agenda item submission cutoff September 13
Fourth week of October, 2021Agenda item submission cutoff October 18
Fourth week of November, 2021Agenda item submission cutoff November 15
Third week of December, 2021Agenda item submission cutoff December 6
Second week of February, 2022Agenda item submission cutoff February 7
Third week of March, 2022Agenda item submission cutoff March 14
Fourth week of April, 2022Agenda item submission cutoff April 11
Fourth week of May, 2022Agenda item submission cutoff May 16
Third week of June, 2022Agenda item submission cutoff June 13

Please upload agenda submissions here, especially if you are getting close to the agenda item submission cutoff date.

* these dates are subject to change

** contact the Chancellor's Office for any clarity you might require

College of Consultors, 2017-2022
Archbishop Allen Vigneron
Archbishop of Detroit
12 State St. Detroit, MI 48226

(313) 237-5816
Reverend Brian Cokonougher
St. Thecla Parish

Very Reverend Jeffrey Day
Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia

Reverend Monsginor Michael Hrydziuszko
St. Andrew Parish

Reverend Monsginor Michael LeFevre
St. Owen Parish

Reverend Monsignor Gerald McEnhill
Our Lady of Refuge Parish

Reverend Scott Thibodeau
Our Lady of the Lakes Parish

Reverend Stanley Ulman
St. Mary of the Hills Parish

Jeff Wagoner
Chief Financial Officer
Department of Finance and Administration

Reverend Edward Zaorski
St. James Parish

Reverend Monsginor John Zenz
Holy Name Parish

Central Service Support
12 State Street, Detroit, MI 48226-1823