Global Synod on Synodality 2021-23

Pope Francis has invited the entire Church to reflect on the theme of synodality: the "people of God journeying together and gathering in assembly, summoned by the Lord Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel." This is a multi-year process of prayer, communion, and participation with the goal of answering the question:

"How does this journeying together allow the Church to proclaim the Gospel in accordance with the mission entrusted to Her; and what steps does the Spirit invite us to take in order to grow as a synodal Church?"

Global Synod 2021-23 in the Archdiocese of Detroit

The Archdiocese of Detroit is excited to be participating in the Synod on Synodality on the local, regional, and national levels, guided by the preparatory documents sent out by the Holy See.

As the Vatican made specific provisions for dioceses like ours that have recently undergone synods, we have been blessed to be able to share with the universal Church the many fruits of Synod 16 and our hopes for the future of the Archdiocese. In addition to sharing these efforts, Archbishop Vigneron discerned it was important to engage with members of some of our key consultative groups – particularly the Presbyteral Council, Unleash the Gospel Pastoral Council, and Curia Directors’ Council – to learn more specifically about how the work of Synod 16 is bearing fruit in the Archdiocese of Detroit and how that fruitfulness might continue in the years to come.

With gratitude for your prayerful support of this work, we share with you three documents for the global Synod resulting from prayer, communion, and participation on the local, regional, and national levels: