Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) of the Archdiocese of Detroit was founded in 1933 to help metropolitan Detroit’s children live clean, wholesome lives, regardless of their religious faith, their racial background, or their day-to-day living conditions. CYO is not a department of the Archdiocese of Detroit; it has a separate and independent Board of Directors approved by the Archbishop annually.

CYO believes in becoming a true partner with our community’s young people – it helps them to enjoy their youth; it teaches them to become faith and community leaders, and after they are grown, it encourages them to work with the next generation of youth, replicating this same process over and over again throughout our community

Since 1939, the Catholic Youth Organization for the Archdiocese of Detroit has been fulfilling its mission in service to the Catholic community of Metro Detroit. Our founding documents put forth the main purpose of CYO as “the development of Catholic life in the Catholic Youth." Now, more than ever before, as the diocese moves from maintenance to mission as directed in Unleash the Gospel, CYO seeks to reinvigorate all current programming and to create an atmosphere that will encourage young people to join the band of joyful missionary disciples.

CYO Offices

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) 12 State Street, Detroit, MI 48226-1823
12 State Street, Detroit, MI 48226-1823
12 State Street, Detroit, MI 48226-1823
CYO Summer Camps 12 State Street, Detroit, MI 48226-1823