The Archdiocese of Detroit Office of Christian Service, guided by Unleash the Gospel, supports and strengthens parishes and individuals who, by word and action, witness to the power of God’s Mercy through Christian Service ministry.


The Office of Christian Service is charged with:

  • Supporting Christian Service leaders by equipping them with resources and opportunities for: formation, mentoring relationships, and spiritual growth;
  • Resourcing vicars, pastors, and parish leaders to respond to the Christian Service needs of their territories;
  • Facilitating communication and collaboration between parishes and local and national Catholic organizations toward building an efficient and comprehensive system of Christian Service ministries;
  • Coordinating archdiocesan-wide Christian Service initiatives
  • Acting as the liaison office between: the Archdiocese; the Department of Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship; Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan, St. Vincent de Paul, and other Catholic charitable organizations;
  • Ensuring that all the Church’s charitable works are an authentic expression of our Catholic faith
Additional Resources and Information
Chris Leach
Christian Service Coordinator and Youth Ministry Regional Coordinator