Cardinal Adam Maida’s coat of arms contains the seal of the Archdiocese of Detroit as well as symbols of his spiritual path and family heritage.

The left side of the shield is covered with the gold and black seal of the Archdiocese of Detroit, itself containing references to Detroit’s founding in 1701.

The right side of the shield contains a golden cross covered in a sunburst, which symbolizes God’s creation of man. The upper right corner contains a dove in reference to the Holy Spirit.

The motto below the shield—Facere Omnia Nova—in Latin means “to make all things new.” The quote comes from the book of Revelations.

Maida’s title as cardinal is seen not only in the number of tassels supporting the shield, 15, but in the color red throughout the seal. Red and white used on the shield are also indicative of Maida’s Polish heritage.