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This summer we are celebrating our 70th year of camp! Since 1946 CYO Camps have been building hearts of service and strong character through extraordinary friendships, meaningful relationships with adult role models, and awesome activities. We know you and your child will experience a life changing summer!

Summer Camps for Youth & Families

CYO Girls CampAre you looking for an experience that will strengthen your family's faith?

There’s a community “up north” carved from ice cold glacial melt water many, many years ago, nestled with lush forest over which gulls, herons, and bald eagles soar. It rests on the sandy beaches of a most wondrous, great lake.

A community of safe places; Girls, boys, and co-ed summer camps for kids, protected just for children by guardians who never forgot what it was like, once upon a time, to be children themselves.

For boys and girls of those magical ages of 7-16, these are places to take your aim at the archery range, challenge your limits on the high ropes course, and build creativity through arts; of open-air cabins, floating in kayaks, and the timeless treasure of campouts. For fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, and extended family of all ages, it’s where the most important connection is not a Wifi connection.

It’s the simple and lasting pleasures that teach us the appreciation for others, nature, and to feel the presence of God.

While At Camp

Your cabin group will have two counselors. Girls and Boys cabin groups are determined by age: 7-9, 10-11, 12-13, & 14-16. Each day during summer camp, your camper can choose an activity of their choice. They can climb to new heights on the climbing wall- or if they are 12 or order- challenge themselves on the high ropes!

In addition, summer campers are sure to experience:

  • Summer catechesis with daily activities
  • Mass celebrated weekly
  • Awesome camp activities centered around our faith
  • Time to reflect and connect with God and new friends

During family weekends families will be assigned housing based on your program, and adult family members will supervise children. Camp staff and volunteers will be with you every step of the way to provide your family with faith-packed activity options.

Counselors and Staff

For our counselors and staff, this is more than “just a summer job.” They are leaders, role models, and mentors. They are expertly chosen to safely guide campers through an empowering summer camp experience. They love camp too and their passion is contagious!

"I’m getting closer to God and it doesn't matter what people think of you, it only matters what God thinks. [Because of camp] I am more confident."
- Maria M. CYO Camper, 2014

About CYO Boys Camp and CYO Girls Camp

CYO Boys Camp

CYO summer camps are for boys and girls ages 7-16. We have been greatly blessed to have CYO Girls Camp and CYO Boys Camp on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron and the joy of sharing summer days, God’s love and our Catholic faith with thousands of children since 1946. While at one of our camps, children will gain self reliance, social skills, confidence, and most importantly, the opportunity to incorporate Catholic values and live the life Christ has planned for us.


A slideshow for our current (and future) CYO campers! We hope this gives you an insight into some of the amazingly fun things that happen at CYO Camps!


Camp Locations

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