Marriage Coaching is a couple-to-couple mentoring program designed to invite couples to live out God's plan for marriage, giving them the tools of how to live His plan for your marriage. It is strictly confidential with no cost. The program consists of seven main coaching sessions:

  1. Relationship building and family of origin factors
  2. God's plan for marriage and the importance of forgiveness
  3. Priorities in marriage and praying together as a couple
  4. How to love and serve each other (discovering the needs o our spouse)
  5. Open and healthy communication
  6. Sexuality in marriage
  7. Spiritual relevance and growth in marriage
Coaching is NOT Counseling

Our approach is not counseling, rather it is coaching. It is not psychology, psychiatry or therapy. This is helping couples to understand Catholic marriage and realizing the fullness of Christian life in marriage. We don't want to be a referee or crutch for couples, but rather we come along side of you and help you implement a better way to live out marriage between the four walls of your own home.

Who We Coach

We believe our Marriage Coaching Processing is beneficial to all couples, whether struggling or not. Our experience has shown that through our Marriage Coaching Process, couples that have a desire to enhance their relationship and preserve their marriage covenant will build stronger families and discover a fuller and more beautiful relationship, greater family harmony, and a deeper understanding of their spiritual journey as a couple.

"Each crisis becomes an apprenticeship in growing closer together or learning a little more about what it means to be married. There is no need for couples to resign themselves to an inevitable downward spiral or a tolerable mediocrity."
- Pope Francis
Marriage Coaching can help restore and enhance your marriage.

Call or email to learn how to receive Marriage Coaching:
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Downloadable files can be found here & here.