Schools: New SCECH Process

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Updated 772 days ago

Teachers who wish to earn SCECHs for having viewed recordings of any AOD provided PD will need to first fill out this online form, if they haven’t done so already. This link was shared previously after the October and March PD days.

After having completed all PD for the year, they must complete the proper MANS application form (choose the one that applies to your school), referenced in the School Mail excerpt below.

SCECH Application

Please share one of the following links with your teachers in order to apply for SCECHs with MANS.

For the schools who did not sign up for SCECH processing, the administrators will need to complete the spreadsheets MANS shared with them; or they can email Shelley Long approval of the educators’ SCECH applications. Shelley needs proof of their work, such as certificates of completion if it was independently acquired PD, or administrators’ approval that they participated in AOD PD.

All principals, please verify with your teachers the total number of SCECHs you will be reporting to MANS and confirm that they are applying for that same number. MANS indicated a discrepancy last year and if such a discrepancy occurs this year between what the principals report and what the teacher reports, MANS must select the lesser number.