The Office of Engagement recently held a conference to help parish leaders better attract and engage young adults in their parish communities. The conference, titled The Missing Generation: Strategies for Receiving and Engaging Young Adults in Our Parish Communities, featured keynote speaker Pete Burak, the Director of id, the young adult outreach of Renewal Ministries and founder of the Millennial Church Conference. The conference talks and discussion questions have been bundled into an online course. The course is FREE and can be accessed on the Encounter Grow Witness online learning platform. Please click here to access The Missing Generation course. You will need to enroll first before obtaining access to the course content. The course is also available on our ministry resources page.

Here are some ways to incorporate the course content into an actionable plan:

  • Use the course for internal staff training with front office staff, clergy, marriage ministry staff and volunteers, RCIA coordinators, Infant Baptism Coordinators, Communications Coordinators, Evangelization Coordinators, and anyone else who serves as an initial touchpoint to your parish. Work through the discussion questions as a staff and develop a series of action steps to better engage young adults in your parish community.
  • Visit our ministry resource page for more articles, strategies, additional courses, resources, books, and studies, and share and discuss this material with your staff.
  • Need additional consultation on how to minister to Young Adults? Contact Patrick Howard ( or Anita Houghton (