For DREs and RCIA Coordinators: Determining the Marital Status of inquirer

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Updated 865 days ago

Questions to Help Determine the Marital Status of an Enquirer

Many of the marriage cases we receive at the Tribunal have come to us by way of people going through RCIA or other preparation to be received into the Church. We know that many people have complicated backgrounds and that oftentimes it falls on the DRE or RCIA coordinator to try and sort out their marriage history.

The Tribunal wants to provide this tool which we have discovered, edited and updated. It is very practical and can be easily read through. Following step by step through the questions will make it less confusing, awkward, and intimidating to get the information that is needed.

We realize that we are well into this year’s RCIA program, however, if not used this year, it will be in the hands of those who will need it for next year.