Family of Parishes Confirmation Date Request Form

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Posted 372 days ago

As we continue the transition to Families of Parishes, the process of Confirmation will also follow and conform to the needs of Families of Parishes.

Please take the time to read through everything on the request form. It is suggested and strongly encouraged to talk with your Moderator and all parishes in the Family before requesting dates. Please contact Molly Gascon at or (313) 237-6051 if you have any questions.

To request dates for your Family of Parishes for Confirmation, please complete the Confirmation Date Request Form.

The Confirmation Liturgy Planning Sheet (LPS) is currently under review and will be available shortly. If you are in need of the LPS during this time, please contact Molly via email. The link to the form is currently deactivated but will be reactivated when the revised LPS is published.