Walking with Moms in Need Orientation Course for Parish Leaders

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Posted 838 days ago

The Department of Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship is pleased to share the availability of a new parish-based training course to assess, expand, and communicate resources to pregnant or parenting Moms in Need. This new resource will guide and assist your Family of Parish in taking simple steps to identify needed resources to accompany Moms in Need within your Family of Parish. The aim of this resource is to assist our Families of Parishes to reach out and accompany local mothers to choose and sustain life through practical and pastoral assistance.

The 25th anniversary of Evangelium Vitae provided an opportunity to refocus our efforts in building a Culture of Life. The intention of Walking with Moms in Need is to increase the Church’s outreach to pregnant and parenting women in need. Women facing challenging pregnancies should see the Church as a place where they can find help, especially with its extensive social services dedicated to meeting the needs of people in crisis. The Walking with Moms in Need initiative throughout southeast Michigan is a joint venture partnership between the Archdiocese of Detroit (AOD) and Catholic Charities of southeast Michigan.

The course Walking With Moms in Need Orientation for Parish Leaders can be accessed here.

We invite you through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to prayerfully consider joining parishes across our Archdiocese in this ongoing work of mercy.