Bishop Hanchon Coat of Arms

Bishop Hanchon’s coat of arms is divided into two main sections that include symbols of his family’s lineage and his current ministry.

The top portion of the shield includes a fishing boat with vermillion sails, derivative of his family’s native County Galway, Ireland. An image of a medieval castle adorns the top right corner, a symbol of his family’s history in Poland.

In the foreground of the shield there is a Phoenix, a symbol of Most Holy Redeemer Church where he served as pastor for many years and of the city of Detroit.

The number of tassels draped alongside the shield, six, is representative of Hanchon's rank as a bishop.

Hanchon’s mottoQue Crezca Jesús—is from the Gospel of St. John and is meant to indicate his direction in ministry. The words are a Hispanic interpretation of the motto of the late Detroit Bishop Walter Joseph Schoenherr—“Christ must increase.”