Stock Gifts

Gifts of Stock

Please take the following steps to make a gift of stock or mutual fund transfer to your parish, Archdiocese of Detroit, or Sacred Heart Major Seminary:

  1. Provide your broker with the following Archdiocese of Detroit account information:

Investment firm: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Name of account: Archdiocese of Detroit
Account number: 272108385
Transfer ID (DTC #): 0015

2. Contact the Accounting Services Office at (313) 237-5825 or to notify us of the stock transfer and provide the following information:

  • Name of the company/stock and ticker symbol, number of shares and date of transfer
  • Name of organization or fund you wish to receive the proceeds from the stock sale/donation.
  • Your name and address, so we can properly acknowledge your donation and to provide you with a donation statement for tax purposes.

Please note: Due to privacy laws, brokers are not authorized to share your name with us, so we will be unable to identify the organization/fund that is to receive the proceeds unless you contact us and provide the above information.

Thank you for your generosity.