Are You Being Called to Ministry to Other Married Couples?

The Marriage Support Office of the Archdiocese of Detroit is seeking to expand the team of coaching couples for the Archdiocesan sponsored Marriage Coaching Ministry. We are inviting married couples who may feel called and gifted for ministry as a couple to other couples in need of help for their marriage to learn more about this ministry opportunity.

What is Marriage Coaching Ministry? Marriage Coaching is a short-term, couple-to-couple mentoring program designed to invite couples to live out more fully God’s plan for their marriage. The coaching couple comes alongside a couple in their marriage and offers them the support, practical tools, and guidance to promote a greater sense of closeness and unity in their relationship. It is intended to take the couple to a deeper understanding of their sacrament and commitment in their marriage and guide them on their spiritual journey as a couple. Marriage Coaching is not counseling or therapy.

The program is strictly confidential, no cost, and is structured along seven main coaching sessions:

  1. Relationship building and family of origin factors
  2. God's plan for marriage and the importance of forgiveness
  3. Priorities in marriage and praying together as a couple
  4. How to love and serve each other
  5. Open and healthy communication
  6. Sexuality in marriage
  7. Spiritual relevance and growth in marriage

The goal of the Marriage Coaching program is to accompany and help couples to restore, strengthen and enrich their marriages as God intended.

The team of coaching couples is made up of seasoned married couples who feel called and gifted to give back and assist other couples in their Catholic marriage journey. They have received extensive training, ongoing formation, and team support to minister as a coaching couple.

Couples who have benefitted from the Marriage Coaching program have ranged from young marrieds to empty nesters and elderly. Some couples are simply seeking a refresher for their marriage, while many are experiencing varying degrees of struggles, stagnation, or problems in their marriage.

If you feel that God is wanting you to learn more about this ministry opportunity as a couple, then please contact the Marriage Support Office:

David Grobbel, L.M.S.W.
Marriage Support Office
Archdiocese of Detroit