Statement of Public Apology from Reverend Eduard Perrone

February 17, 2022

During the investigative process regarding allegations concerning me, I made public comments about and filed a lawsuit against Msgr. G. Michael Bugarin that contained invective characterizations of his actions and motivations. I maintained the civil suit against Msgr. Bugarin even after the Archbishop ordered me to withdraw it. These actions of mine caused harm to the reputations of Msgr. Bugarin and the Archbishop and impeded the process of the investigation.

The Archdiocese then began a canonical penal process regarding my conduct during the original investigation. At the conclusion of that process, I was found guilty of willful disobedience to the legitimate commands of the Archbishop, of impeding the freedom of the Archbishop and his Vicars in the fulfillment of their ecclesiastical ministry, specifically in conducting a preliminary investigation in my regard, and, by means of my public statements, of injuring the good reputation of Msgr. Bugarin.

I accept and respect the decision of the Ecclesiastical Court and will not be appealing it. I wish now to repair any scandal caused to the Archdiocese by the suit and any damage I have caused to Archbishop Vigneron's or Msgr. Bugarin's reputation from my public comments. As a sincere follower of Christ and as a priest of His holy Church, I wish to apologize to the Archbishop and Msgr. Bugarin for any scandal these actions of mine have caused and state publicly that I am truly sorry for them.

Further, I have instructed my attorneys to withdraw all pending civil cases and appeals.

Additionally, in the hope of healing and reconciliation, I call upon the parishioners of Assumption Grotto and all my supporters to follow my lead and renew our support and loyalty to Archbishop Vigneron and to renounce any want of charity that may have resulted from my actions.

Respectfully in Christ,

Fr. Eduard Perrone