Church Judges Decide in Fr. Perrone Disciplinary Case

February 16, 2022 — A nearly year-long disciplinary process concluded last month finding Fr. Eduard Perrone guilty of charges related to his behavior during the Archdiocese of Detroit’s investigation (August 2018-March 2021) regarding accusations against him of abuse of minors. Three priest judges, experts in Church law from various American dioceses (none from the Archdiocese of Detroit) found Fr. Perrone guilty under the Code of Canon (Church) Law. The judges determined two penalties: Fr. Perrone be removed from the office of pastor of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Grotto) Parish, and that he may not assume a Church office until he ceases the conduct prompting these court findings and makes the necessary reparations.

Confidentiality – involving the case, the trial, and the findings – is strictly required by Church law. The judges have allowed the Archdiocese of Detroit alone to share limited information about the case. Further comment is not permitted.

If Fr. Perrone chooses to accept the decision of the judges and fulfills the requirements of the penalties, some restrictions from public ministry will be lifted. If Fr. Perrone chooses to appeal the decision of the judges, according to Church law, all current restrictions on his ministry remain in force until the conclusion of the case. Fr. Perrone continues to receive financial support and benefits from the Archdiocese of Detroit as required by Church law.

Fr. John Bustamante continues to serve as temporary administrator of Assumption Grotto.