Statement regarding Church Militant

During the late afternoon hours of June 11, 2020, the Archdiocese of Detroit was made aware that Church Militant, an organization located in southeast Michigan, published racist and derogatory language in reference to the Archbishop of Washington D.C., Wilton D. Gregory.

That evening, Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron responded:

“Racist and derogatory speech wrongfully diminishes the God-given dignity of others. It is not in accord with the teachings of Christ. As our nation continues its important conversation on racism, it is my hope that the faithful will turn from this and all other acts or attitudes which deny the inherent dignity shared by all people."

The Archdiocese of Detroit unequivocally condemns the offensive language used in reference to Archbishop Gregory and advises the faithful that Church Militant is not affiliated with, endorsed, or recommended by the Archdiocese of Detroit; it is not recognized as a Church apostolate.

The organization formerly operated under the name “Real Catholic TV” from its headquarters in Ferndale, Michigan, until 2011 when it received notification from the Detroit archdiocese that it lacked the authorization required under Church (canon) law to identify or promote itself as Catholic. It subsequently changed its name to Church Militant.