Updates to Archdiocesan List of Clergy Credibly Accused of Abuse

January 14, 2021 — The Archdiocese of Detroit Communications Department shares the following updates to its list of clergy credibly accused of abuse:

  • As a result of a finding by the Archdiocesan Board of Review, retired Archdiocesan priest Father Lawrence Fares, 96 (photo), has been restricted from all public, priestly ministry. He cannot wear clerical dress or present himself as a priest and his name has been added to the Archdiocese of Detroit’s online listing of clergy accused of sexual abuse of a minor.

    In July 2019, the Archdiocese of Detroit was made aware of an allegation of child sexual abuse against Fr. Fares from the early years of his ministry that had been reported by the complainant to law enforcement. In the fall of 2019, the Archdiocese was authorized by the Attorney General’s Office to commence a Church (canonical) law investigation. During that process, a second allegation was identified.

    Upon completion of that investigation, Fr. Fares’ case was presented to the Archdiocesan Review Board. The Board deemed the allegations to be credible. An allegation is considered credible if it has a “semblance of truth,” meaning it appears to be or could possibly be true. There remains a presumption of innocence until and unless an individual is found guilty in secular or Church proceedings.

  • C. Richard Kelly (photo), restricted in 2004 and permanently removed from ministry in 2005, died January 3, 2021 at 76. His existing entry on our list of accused clergy has been updated.

  • The Franciscan Friars (Province of St. John the Baptist) have notified the Archdiocese of Detroit of eight friars and former friars with substantiated child sex abuse allegations against them. The findings involve cases dating back to 1940. These individuals previously served in ministry or otherwise lived in the Archdiocese of Detroit but were not priests of the Archdiocese. They have been added to the “Religious Orders and Other Dioceses” section of our list of accused clergy:

    Raymond Chappa, OFM
    Kent Hajduk, OFM
    Bro. Kenneth Hendricks, OFM
    Marcan Hetteberg, OFM
    Carter Partee, OFM
    Juvenal Pfalzer, OFM
    Bro. Mark Schornack, OFM
    Bro. John Schreck, OFM

    More information about these cases is available online from the Franciscan Friars.

The Archdiocese of Detroit continually updates its lists with the intention of keeping them as updated and accurate as possible. Individuals with knowledge of sexual abuse by clergy or other Church representatives are urged to contact local law enforcement and/or the Michigan Attorney General’s Office at (844) 324-3374 or aginvestigations@michigan.gov. Individuals also may contact the Archdiocese of Detroit by visiting protect.aod.org, calling the toll-free, 24/7 victim assistance line at (866) 343-8055 or by emailing vac@aod.org. There are no time limits or restrictions on individuals wishing to report abuse.

Biographical Information for Father Lawrence Fares

Born: 1924

Ordained in Rome: 1950

Incardinated into/joined the Archdiocese of Detroit: 1977

Associate pastor:

St. Louis, Clinton Twp:1977-78

Assumption Grotto, Detroit: 1978-84

Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Detroit: 1984-85


St. Thomas the Apostle, Detroit: 1985-89

Most Holy Name of Jesus, Detroit: 1987-89


St. Ronald, Clinton Twp.: 1989-97

Senior status/retired: 1997

Ministry restricted: 2020