Statement on Father Kenneth Kaucheck: New Administrative Restrictions

Release date: 9/16/20

Effective immediately, the decade-long restrictions placed on the public ministry of Fr. Kenneth Kaucheck, 73, are modified to reflect a recent decision by the Vatican. While Fr. Kaucheck will now be able to publicly celebrate Mass and the sacraments, he may only do so with the expressed permission of the Archbishop of Detroit or his priest-delegate for clergy discipline.

In 2009, the Archdiocesan Review Board deemed credible – having a semblance of truth – an allegation of sexual misconduct with a person under the age of 18 involving Fr. Kaucheck, dating back to the early years of his ministry in the Archdiocese. A dispute over the age of the complainant at the time of the alleged offense ensued. At issue was the then-canon (Church) law definition of a minor versus the subsequent change adopted in 1994 and applicable today. The Vatican’s highest court, the Apostolic Signatura, has resolved that issue.

Respecting the latest Vatican finding on the technical merits of the case, Archbishop Vigneron believes it his responsibility as the local bishop to issue certain administrative restrictions on Fr. Kaucheck’s return to public ministry going forward. These restrictions – primarily the requirements to obtain specific permissions for any and all public ministry – have been clearly communicated to Fr. Kaucheck.

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