Regarding Pope Francis' Recent Comments

Issued October 23, 2020

In response to questions from the faithful regarding recent comments from Pope Francis, the Department of Communications issues the following statement:

The Holy Father recently expressed his opinion on a matter of policy in secular society, specifically in reference to legal protections for individuals in same-sex relationships. Archbishop Vigneron, along with the Catholic faithful, awaits further clarity and context from the Vatican.

Pope Francis, in fidelity to his mission to guard the deposit of faith, has constantly given witness to the truth of marriage according to God’s plan and the Church’s teaching on the Sacrament of Marriage, that it is a sacred and “unbreakable union” between one man and one woman who “are no longer two, but one flesh” (CCC, 1604). Further, acts of sexual intimacy outside of marriage as it is established by God are gravely contrary to the virtue of chastity and God’s plan for human flourishing (cf. CCC, 2380-2400). In our archdiocese, Archbishop Vigneron joins the Vicar of Peter and all other members of the College of Bishops to affirm these saving teachings of Christ.

As for the experience of same-sex attraction, it was addressed recently by Archbishop Vigneron in his 2019 pastoral note, Imitating Christ’s Charity and Chastity. The archbishop proclaimed Christ’s “unfathomable, unsurpassable and invincible love” for people who experience same-sex attraction and affirmed their share in the mission of the whole Church to “hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to put faith and trust in him, and to give witness to the beauty and goodness of a life lived as his new creation.”