Life Remodeled

Life Remodeled

"Effective witness to Jesus has these attractive qualities: joy, hospitality and generous service to the poor and the marginalized.”
Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron Unleash the Gospel Pastoral Letter

Life Remodeled is a Detroit-based nonprofit that invests approximately $5 million in cash, labor and materials into one Detroit neighborhood each year. Projects are determined by the community’s needs and vision. Life Remodeled partners assist in three areas: Remodeling a school or other community asset, repairing owner-occupied homes, and mobilizing 12,000 volunteers to clean up 360 city blocks in six days.

This year the project centers around the neighborhood surrounding Sacred Heart Major Seminary, St. Charles Lwanga Parish and St. Moses the Black. Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan, Sacred Heart Major Seminary and the Archdiocese of Detroit invite Catholics to put their faith into action through this opportunity to perform Christian service in Detroit.


  • Transform the Durfee building into a Community Innovation Center which will operate in partnership with Central High School and DPSCD
  • Assemble 12,000 volunteers to remove blight on 360 city blocks, and board up 300 vacant houses (July 31–August 5, 2017)
  • Perform critical repairs for 50 homeowners
  • Develop meaningful and sustainable partnerships to
  • continue community investment after project completion

As 2017 marks the 50th year anniversary of the 1967 Detroit uprising, Life Remodeled and its partners will invest in the neighborhood surrounding Central High School, the city’s first public high school, in the community where Detroit’s civil unrest began.This year’s project will serve not only as a powerful commemoration of the progress that has been made, but also the progress we continue to strive toward.