Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Synod 16

Message from Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron

This weekend we joyfully celebrate the fifth anniversary of Synod 16, a pivotal milestone in the Archdiocese of Detroit and the spark for our mission to unleash the Gospel in southeast Michigan and beyond. We will join our prayers with those of the Holy Father to make the entire Church, including the Archdiocese of Detroit, a synodal Church committed to listening, praying, and discerning a missionary path forward together.

In the five years since Synod 16, we have been living our own “synodal reality” in the Archdiocese of Detroit, going forth together with radical openness to the leading of the spirit even when we have been led to unexpected places. In a time of crisis and great uncertainty in our world, we kept our eyes fixed on Christ and recommitted to listening to each other as we developed and shifted to Families of Parishes, ensuring that for generations to come our parishes, schools, and all ministries will be mission-oriented and well equipped to serve as places where people encounter Jesus anew, grow as disciples, and witness to the Risen Christ. This weekend, we reflect on many fruits God has given us since Synod 16, and in the spirit of Blessed Solanus Casey, we thank God ahead of time for the many fruits yet to come as we advance the mission of sharing Christ with the world.