AOD Assessments

The Archdiocese of Detroit participates in standardized testing programs to help improve our own instruction methods.

Standardized testing is just one way to evaluate the quality of our schools. Because each child is an individual they will flourish best in a school environment that meets their unique needs. We encourage parents to schedule a visit with an individual school to speak to principals, teachers and staff members who will help you determine if Catholic Schools are right for your child.

Iowa Basics

Elementary students are required to take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills in grades 3, 5 and 7. All elementary schools are urged to test all students yearly so that progress can be measured. These tests measure achievement and provide unique information about individual students and classes for use in instructional planning.

Cognitive Abilities Test

Students in first grade take the Cognitive Abilities Test, which measures their level and pattern of cognitive development. The first-grade test is NOT an achievement test but rather a way to determine a student’s reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Test Scores

The Archdiocese of Detroit does not publish test scores for individual schools but releases information on schools as a whole. You may contact the Catholic Schools Office or an individual school for specific test results.