Why Catholic Education?

Catholic Schools at the Archdiocese of Detroit integrate faith and values into every part of the educational experience. Whether in the classroom, on the athletic field or in chapel, our students learn to think and act according to the mind and heart of Jesus Christ. We provide a second home for students where morals and values are supported by educators who also serve as role models in faith.

Catholic School students are challenged to achieve their full potential as academics. Data shows our students score higher on standardized tests than their public-school counterparts. Nearly all Catholic School students move on to attend college.

Our goal is to educate students wholly, in mind, body and spirit. We offer that through solid academics, after-school activities and opportunities to worship and practice the faith. A Catholic education gives students a strong foundation as members of society and the Catholic community.

  • AOD Assessments »

    The Archdiocese of Detroit participates in standardized testing programs to help improve our own instruction methods.

  • University Acceptance Data »

    The Office of Catholic Schools, Elementary principals and High School administrators monitor the yearly results of Detroit Archdiocese students on IOWA, SAT,  ACT, and AP subject tests. These assessment results will continue to inform teachers and administrators about areas for continuous improvement.

  • Safety and Security »

  • Accreditation »

    Accreditation is a "quality assurance" process conducted by an external team of peers based on an internal study submitted by the school. This process determines the degree a school adheres to standards set by an accrediting agency who then grants "accreditation" status for meeting or exceeding said standards.

  • Sports and Activities »

    In the Archdiocese of Detroit we offer sports and physical fitness programs throughout both elementary and high school. The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) is designed to introduce children to the basics of athletics and teamwork. The Catholic High School League (CHSL) is an environment where student-athletes learn to excel.