New Religion Curriculum Workshop

On March 24, 2017, a workshop was held at Sacred Heart Major Seminary to introduce the new Preschool – 8th Grade Religion Curriculum to Catholic School leaders (Pastors with schools, Principals, and DREs with schools).  The purpose of the workshop was to provide background on the development process, to provide an overview of the curriculum, to explain the curriculum’s emphasis on evangelization and missionary discipleship, to discuss what is new and challenging, and to discuss pacing, assessments, and preparation of teachers and staff.

These videos are being shared for those who may not have attended the session and for administrators and staff who may be hired in the future.

Video Highlights from 2017 Workshop on the New Religion Curriculum

Introduction to the Curriculum

What is New and Challenging?

Pacing & Outcome Integration

Assessments & Observation of Discipleship

Formation of Teachers & Staff

Exploring Challenges & Next Steps