The Archdiocese of Detroit will publish a curriculum guide in ten subject areas that provides a framework for what students will know and be able to do. It will be revised and updated on a regular schedule. All schools within the Detroit Archdiocese will continue to provide rigorous academics as part of formation of the whole child, preparing students for futures we cannot predict.

Archdiocese of Detroit K-8 Schools follow a rigorous set of curriculum standards designed to set our students on a path for academic success.
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    Leaders of the Catholic Church have affirmed through numerous documents the critical importance and value of Catholic school education in transmitting scholastic content while at the same time transmitting the faith. The Archdiocese of Detroit, Office of Catholic Schools, forms children in the faith and promises them complete personal development and unsurpassed academic success. In order to accomplish this, the Detroit Archdiocese is actively developing curriculum guidelines in 10 subjects to define what teachers are to teach students at each grade level and in each subject.