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Christian Worship

RCIA Team Formation

The Office for Christian Worship will provide Basic Formation in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults for parishioners in the diocese that are new to or that are interested in becoming part of the parish RCIA Team.

Resource Description
Mary Mother of the Church
Readings for the new Marian feast day, for the Monday after Pentecost
Advent Penance Service 2019
Guide for the Rite of Reconciliation of Several Penitents with Individual Confession and Absolution for the 2019 Advent Season.
Liturgy Preparation for Lent, the Sacred Triduum, and Easter Time "Liturgy Preparation for Lent, the Sacred Triduum and Easter Time" to be posted soon!
  Universal Prayers of the Faithful for use during the Lenten Season This resource provides examples of Prayers of the Faithful utilizing the theme of the new Evangelization. You might choose one to use each week of the Lenten Season. 
The Sacred Triduum This document contains all of the directives from the Roman Missal for the Triduum celebration.
  Sunday Celebration of the Liturgy of the Word in an Emergency Situation This Liturgy of the Word document contains the information needed for leading a Sunday Celebration in the Absence of a Priest. This particular liturgy is to be used in an actual emergency only and not for convenience.
Liturgical Ministers' Certificates Link to guidelines and form for requesting certificates for persons commissioned to the ministry of Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion or Lector. (To be submitted by the pastor or a delegated parish staff member)
Roman Missal Related Links Links to websites from Catholic leadership, videos, and other study resources on the Roman Missal.
  Guide for the Preparation of the Confirmation Liturgy Confirmation Liturgy document intended for those at the parish who are responsible for preparing the Confirmation liturgy. It contains the information needed about all the options available to parishes this particular liturgy. | A printed guidebook is available for purchase at the AOD Print Shop.
   How to Receive Communion in the Hand During his Easter sermon in the year 348, St. Cyril of Jerusalem instructed the newly-baptized in his congregation on the proper way to receive Holy Communion by hand. Complete with an easy to read diagram, this handout may be placed in your parish bulletin for all parishioners to reference.
Handbooks and Prayer Cards Handbooks available through the Archdiocese of Detroit Print Shop:
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) | Lectors | Adoration of Blessed Sacrament | Layperson's Manual: Communion of the Sick
Order a printed copy or download the PDF version. Other resources are available.
Questions & Answers Find answers to questions about RCIA, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Patronal Feast, Mass Intentions, Parish Liturgical Ministries and more.
Worship Newsletter A monthly publication of all the events and happenings of the Archdiocese of Detroit Office of Christian Worship.
  Handbook for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Spanish version) This Handbook is meant to provide you with the necessary directives for performing your ministry properly and to answer the many questions that may arise as you grow into this ministry.

Resources for Pastoral Musicians

Resource   Description
Music Newsletter A weekly publication for pastoral musicians of music events and happenings.
Liturgical Musician Certification Every pastoral musician must attain certification through courses approved by the Archdiocese of Detroit. Applications for new ministers and renewing your certification.

Resources for RCIA Teams

Resource Description
RCIA Coordinator Certification The Church has always required proper preparation for those who exercise a ministry. The process of becoming a youth minister requires taking classes in ministerial certification.
Candidates for Full Communion The critical issue is who is considered catechized and who uncatechized and how does the catechumenal team help each on the conversion journey.
Differences in Major Religions Outline of major differences between Catholic and other major faith traditions.
Preparation for the Scrutinies Lenten Retreat for Catechumens, Candidates and the Parish Community
Sacramental Record Keeping Grid Quick reference chart on information required for record keeping.
  Initiating Children of Catechetical Age Chart outlining the material contained in the statement: Pastoral Challenge of Implementing the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults for Children Who Have Reached Catechetical Age.
  Precatechumenate Questionnaire RCIA initial interview form. Also available for order via the print shop (click here to order)
  Bibliography for RCIA
Bibliography of books, periodicals, newsletters, and videos for the Catechumenate
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