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Advancing the Mission

This survey and key findings are only the beginning of an ongoing dialogue between archdiocesan leaders and staff, vicariate leaders, parish leaders, and parishioners as we work together to advance our mission. As such, this outlines the next steps we will take together to evaluate, reassess, and refine our goals and work as one Catholic community.

Some broadly applicable conclusions were identified during our review of the survey data, including:

  • The desire for additional data collection to support our findings
  • The need for more effective communication, marketing, and use of technology at the Archdiocese, in vicariates, and in parishes
  • The importance of pastors and the impact they have on parishes
  • The increase in consumer mentality among parishioners
  • The continued emphasis on youth and young adult ministry
  • The positive response from “active parishioners,” and the opportunities that may come from better engaging with them

Though these broad conclusions are helpful, individual vicariates and parish reports will prove even more informative as we set our goals for future planning efforts. The following framework lists what our next steps will be as we continue to reflect on how we can improve our work in the seven mission priority areas.

Proposed next steps:

  1. Provide individual parish and vicariate reports. Shorter reports will be created for every parish and vicariate. 
  2. Consult with parish and vicariate councils about how the survey may inform their future planning.
  3. Collect additional information to supplement survey findings.
  4. Refine mission priority goals and roles as necessary to reflect the findings of the survey, feedback, and additional research.
  5. Evaluate use of technology, communications, and marketing at all levels.