Together in Faith

St. Donald Parish

June 28, 2012

Together in Faith Parish Update
St. Donald Parish – Roseville

Following communication and collaboration among the pastor, parish councils, and parishioners of St. Donald Parish in Roseville as well as pastors of several neighboring parishes, the archdiocesan Presbyteral Council recently reviewed and advised to accept Together in Faith pastoral planning actions recommended by the parish. Archbishop Vigneron has approved the next steps.

Phase two of Together in Faith planning will result in St. Donald closing effective June 30, 2012. The closing liturgy at St. Donald will take place at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 1, 2012 with Bishop Michael Byrnes serving as the principal celebrant.

Pastoral care of the neighborhoods belonging to St. Donald Parish will be assigned to parishes east and west of the Groesbeck corridor, specifically St. Athanasius in Roseville and St. Edmund in Warren. These parishes have begun welcoming St. Donald parishioners to join them in Sunday liturgy and other parish activities. The assets and liabilities of St. Donald will be distributed to St. Athanasius and St. Edmund; however, the pastors may decide to distribute any remaining assets to other parishes in the area.

During the initial phase of Together in Faith in 2008, a recommendation was made to merge St. Donald and Our Lady Queen of All Saints. Parishioners and pastors met to consider this, ultimately deciding to close St. Donald at the conclusion of Rev. Michael Donovan’s pastorate.

In the years since, Father Donovan has communicated with parish leadership and parishioners on this plan, which was more recently addressed in a pastoral letter to all registered parishioners at St. Donald in May 2011. In the year since, parish leaders have discussed and prepared to close the parish. A parish town hall meeting was held in May 2012 to address any remaining parishioner concerns or questions.

Archdiocesan Central Services will continue to work with parish leadership and parishioners at St. Donald and neighboring parishes to ensure St. Donald parishioners are welcomed into the new worship communities.