St. Joseph Parish

June 27, 2012

Together in Faith Parish Update
St. Elizabeth, St. Joseph, St. Patrick – Wyandotte

Following communication and collaboration among the pastors, parish councils, and parishioners of St. Elizabeth and St. Joseph parishes in Wyandotte, the archdiocesan Presbyteral Council recently reviewed and advised to accept Together in Faith pastoral planning actions recommended by the these already clustered parishes. Archbishop Vigneron has approved the next steps.

The parishes of St. Elizabeth and St. Joseph will merge on June 30, 2012 and the St. Elizabeth church building and campus will close. The newly merged parish will continue to use the name St. Joseph Parish. The territory, assets, and liabilities will be combined. A closing liturgy at St. Elizabeth will take place at 4:00 pm on Saturday, June 30, 2012, with Bishop Francis Reiss as the principal celebrant. Rev. Michael Cremin, SAC, will remain pastor of the new parish community.

These outcomes are consistent with the Together in Faith II action plan which called for these clustered parishes to develop a two-phase merger plan in early 2012. The first phase called for St. Elizabeth to merge with St. Joseph, using only the St. Joseph church and campus. The resulting merged parish will now develop a plan to merge with St. Patrick.

Members from the St. Elizabeth Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Finance Council will be integrated into the respective councils of St. Joseph Parish to ensure the presence and voice of St. Elizabeth parishioners in this phase of the merger.
In March 2012, a transition team comprised of parish council and finance council members from St. Elizabeth, St. Joseph and St. Patrick began meeting to discuss this two-phase merger. The St. Elizabeth Parish Council is in full agreement with the merger and the closing of the St. Elizabeth church building and property.

The Together in Faith II pastoral plan has been discussed at parish council meetings at all three parishes and Rev. Cremin has communicated the merger through bulletin articles and pulpit announcements. This merger request was also announced and discussed without objection at a Downriver Vicariate Pastoral Council meeting in April.

Archdiocesan Central Services will continue to work with the new parish community and assist with the second phase of the merger as indicated in the Together in Faith II pastoral plan.