Together in Faith


January – December 2012

Archbishop approves and presents plan to Catholic faithful. Implementation of plans phased-in at parish, planning group, and vicariate levels.
Plan implementation monitored by regional moderators (auxiliary bishops); planning groups submit modifications to the APC. APC annually reviews implementation of plans; seek comments and clarification where needed.
APC annually meets with Archbishop to assess implementation process and consider modified plans.  

September – December 2011

Planning groups meet to review/consider APC's pastoral priorities for the archdiocese: Evangelization and Catechesis, Christian Service, Youth and Young Adults, Lay Leadership, Stewardship and Administration, Catholic School Education, and Vocations Planning groups meet to discuss and respond to APC comments and requests for clarification, with emphasis on the pastoral priorities of the Detroit archdiocese.
APC sends comments and requests for clarification to the planning groups for their response and final plans.
APC meets with Archbishop Vigneron to make final recommendations and formally submit archdiocesan-wide plan. Planning groups submit final plans to APC.

July – August 2011

APC members review submitted plans from their vicariate(s), and send comments / recommendations back to the planning groups.
APC meets as a whole to discuss how all 40 plans intersect; begin development of an archdicoesan-wide plan.

January – June 2011

40 planning groups are formed, with four representatives from each parish.
Planning groups meet to study data, statistics, and maps for their parishes.
Development begins on a pastoral/strategic plan for each planning group; process is facilitated by staff/advisors from the Department of Parish Life and Services. Archdiocesan Pastoral Council (APC) members are assigned to specific vicariates and consider the data, statistics, and maps for the parishes in the planning groups in their vicariate(s).
Draft plans developed by planning groups are forwarded to the APC.