Together in Faith

Basic Assumptions

  1. Every parish community will commit to sharing Christ in and through the Church, by participating in the pastoral planning process.
  2. The planning process will engage lay parish and vicariate leadership to honestly and respectfully consider objective data from multiple sources, and will be communicated at every step to the parishes, vicariates and regions.
  3. Most Holy Eucharist will be available within a reasonable distance to every Catholic within the six counties of the Archdiocese of Detroit.
  4. Every parish will provide for a full range of formation and the sacraments, including faith formation, RCIA, etc.
  5. Every parish will have an active, functioning Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council.
  6. Particularly in urban areas, plans will provide for access to necessary outreach services in a collaborative and comprehensive way.
  7. Due to shifting populations, declining membership, and limited resources, some pastors who retire, become ill, or are reassigned may not be replaced.
  8. Every parish will have a priest assigned as pastor, although some parishes may share a pastor.
  9. Every parish will have a plan for collaborating, clustering or merging with a neighboring, contiguous parish. This may result in a short term, temporary assignment of a priest due to an emergency situation, or a more permanent change in the status of a parish.
  10. Experience has shown that clustering could be a first step towards merging parish communities, and at other times parishes have chosen to merge immediately, rather than cluster.
  11. In parishes where religious orders of men are assigned, their presence in the Archdiocese centers on the mission of each order and their availability to continue to serve. Facing the possibility that religious orders may need to withdraw from the Archdiocese, these parishes must also identify cluster partners.
  12. Each parish will review the status of its outstanding debts or payables owed to the Michigan Catholic Conference or the Archdiocese of Detroit, and any Loan Deposit Program debt, to determine if the frequency of payments and/or the amount of payments being made are sufficient to pay off these debts within the agreed upon terms.
  13. If a parish is reliant on rental income for regular operating expenses, the parish must have a plan for when the lease ends and is not renewed.
  14. Catholic schools typically serve students from areas that extend beyond the local parish. Vicariates/regions will need to address the responsibility of financial support of schools within their vicariate/region.