Protecting Children Safe Environments

Compliance and Audits

Since the release the of operating policies and procedures required in The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People (The Dallas Charter) by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in 2002, the Archdiocese of Detroit (AOD) has been audited every year by an independent firm to ensure compliance. The 2017 audit was conducted on-site; it included visits to four parishes. The AOD was “was found compliant with all audited Articles” within the charter.

AOD Audit Confirmation Letter

In June of 2018, prior to its June Plenary Assembly, the USCCB issued its Annual Report on the Implementation of the Dallas Charter. Its preface acknowledges and thanks “… all victims/survivors who continue to come forward to share their stories.” The report provides findings and recommendations from 194 dioceses – including the AOD – on subjects such as the number of allegations, safe environment programs, and financial costs.

Annual Report on Charter Implementation
Key Findings of Annual Report

Prevention is the most important next step in addressing the clergy abuses of the past. The AOD employs a number of key protocols to ensure that children are not abused in our community in the future. A Review Board was formed in 2002 to consider all complaints against priests, deacons, and church personnel and to advise the archbishop.

The Review Board is comprised of members with diverse expertise, including:

  • Legal professionals
  • Parents Healthcare professionals
  • Canon Law experts

As a roadmap, the Archdiocese of Detroit follows the policies developed nationally by the USCCB and those developed locally within the archdiocese.

Every person connected to the Archdiocese of Detroit, whether clergy, employee or volunteer, are required to submit to certain protocols before possibly coming in contact with a child. They include:

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