Protecting Children Safe Environments

Called to Protect

What is Called to ProtectTM for Youth training?

Called to Protect is the approved safe environment training program for ninth grade students in Catholic High Schools. This program addresses boundaries—physical, emotional and behavioral—and how to recognize, stop and act if someone attempts to violate personal boundaries.

Who is required to receive Called to ProtectTM training?

  • 9th Grade students enrolled in Catholic High Schools

Called to ProtectTM training three part series teaches:

  • There are three types of boundaries—physical, emotional, and behavioral.
  • How molesters try to violate their boundaries.
  • Ways to make molesters stop violating their boundaries.
  • Methods child molesters use to keep kids from telling.
  • The words to use to tell their parents or another trusted adult if someone is abusing them or one of their friends.