Jun. 30 - Homily at Jubilee Mass for Archdiocesan Priests

From The Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron, Archbishop | Issued June 30, 2015 Archbishop Allen Vigneron

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From The Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron, Archbishop | Given June 30, 2015

The following is an excerpt taken from Detroit Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron’s homily in front of many of his brother priests at the  Sacred Heart Major Seminary Chapel on June 30, 2015, at a Mass marking significant anniversaries to the priesthood.

“Consider, for a moment, that in our words people have been able to hear the very words of Jesus -- a voice of encouragement, a voice of invitation, a voice of appreciation, sometimes a voice of admonition. That’s a service that God’s word has done in the world. A voice of encouragement -- in being that voice, we have had as priests a blessing of expressing to people what’s in the heart of Jesus, so that they could meet that love. And certainly that’s something to be thankful for, that privilege.

“By our preaching, our service of the Gospel, we have guided our hearers in being able to grow as disciples of Jesus. Not only, in the name of Jesus, pointing out to them what is self destructive, what leads astray -- but holding up to them the ideal of the beatitudes and the way to live the very life of Jesus. To offer that has certainly been a great grace in our priestly lives, and we give thanks to God today. And by our preaching, we have led our hearers to witness to the power of Jesus’ mercy in their lives. One example, we have been able to lead God’s people often to reconciliation, to forgiveness, to being patient with one another, to being peacemakers. And, in that, to share the mercy with others that they themselves have received. And certainly that is something to give thanks to God for, that we have served that Word in the lives of hearers.”