Communion and Family Members with Same-Sex Attraction

From The Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron, Archbishop | Issued August 10, 2015

Archbishop Allen Vigneron sent the following letter to the priests of the Archdiocese of Detroit on Friday, August 7, 2015:

Archbishop VigneronDear Father,

In responding to a news media inquiry regarding next week’s Courage Conference at the Inn at St. John's, and specifically to a question regarding how a Catholic parent can or should respond to a civil ceremony involving one of their children involved in a same-sex relationship, I answered in writing with the statement below. Because we share as a College in this vital role of being pastor and teacher to the faithful, I wanted to be sure you were made aware of my comments:

"When Catholics have a question about the reception of Holy Communion and their relationship with a family member or loved one with a same-sex attraction, that is a situation in which a person should see his or her pastor. It involves both the teaching of the Church, which Catholics hold as indispensable in guiding their relationship with Christ, and the obligation we have to love and support our family members. The Church and her pastors are there to help harmonize these priorities – of being faithful to and open about the truth, and of being loving and compassionate to fellow Catholics in their personal and family lives. Given the variety of circumstances which go into a person’s particular situation, the best way forward for one person may not be best for another. In every situation the best solution is the one that assists Catholics to express their love for a family member in accordance with the conviction they solemnly affirm in receiving Holy Communion, that is, their commitment to think and act in communion with Christ and his Church. Whenever it comes to Communion, the objective is never to steer a person away.  Rather it is to steer them toward Communion with Jesus and toward the Good News about God’s love and God’s will for humanity. That is the work of the Church."


Abp. Vigneron