Year of Prayer »
Published Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014

“Renew your wonders in our time, as though by a new Pentecost and grant that your holy Church, praying perseveringly and insistently with one mind, together with Mary, the mother of Jesus, and guided by St. Peter, may increase the reign of the Divine Savior, the reign of truth and justice, the reign of love and peace. Amen.”

Message to the Faithful of the Church of the Archdiocese »
Published Sunday, Feb. 2, 2014

Dear Brothers,

God is giving me great joy in celebrating the Feast of Our Lord's Presentation.  I want to share with you one of the graces I've had in my prayer for this day: Blessed John Henry Newman's sermon for the Feast.  I've attached it to this message for you reading and meditation if you are so inclined. I think that this is one of Cardinal Newman's best.  I pray that it will be an occasion for the Lord to renew for you as he has for me on this Feast my sense that: (a) he is working out his saving purpose whether anyone recognizes it or not; and (b) we need to watch for and respond to his hidden and obscure actions in our lives as he works to save us.  Let us pray for one another that the Holy Spirit confirm us in these convictions of faith.