The Rainbow Story

Aug 1, 2017
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Christopher Werner,

CYO Rainbow Conference God granted the promise of a new beginning to Noah and his family through the symbol of the Rainbow.  With that symbol in mind, a group of dedicated young leaders created a special opportunity for youth to gather and share in celebration of their common faith.  Thus, Rainbow was created to give youth a new beginning.  Each year since 1982, thousands of young people have gathered in Detroit to experience Rainbow.  There is no single word to describe this phenomenon, but it shares a special place in the heart of over 50,000 of Detroit’s youth and adults that have come together to celebrate their faith, develop new friendships and carry forth the Word of the Lord.

Many of us have carried on the tradition of Rainbow and working with CYO Youth Council to create a new Rainbow each year, but we all have one woman, whom many of the Youth Council Alumni fondly refer to as “The Mother of Rainbow”.  She is Barbara Urbiel and those of us who have followed in her footsteps are very thankful she had the insight to bring this amazing program to CYO. 

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