Regarding the funeral service for Detroit Firefighter Kevin Ramsey

Aug 2, 2017
For more information contact:
Ned McGrath, Director of Public Affairs
A funeral service for Detroit Firefighter Kevin Ramsey, who died last week while on duty, will begin at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 3, at the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, 9844 Woodward Ave. in Detroit.

Media is permitted inside the church during the service. To respect the dignity of the occasion, no interviews are to take place inside the church before, during, or after the funeral. In addition, please know that family members will not be conducting interviews at this time.

Parking and live shot locations will be available on the west side of Woodward, across from the church. We kindly ask that you heed any direction from officials in regards to parking and access on and around the church property.
We thank in advance reporters, editors and camera crews for their respect of the solemnity and dignity of this occasion, and for honoring the family's need for personal space at this sensitive time.

Information about coverage:

Eulogies will be delivered between 10-11 a.m., with the liturgy scheduled to begin at 11 a.m.  Cameras will be permitted at – but not in front of – the pillars closest to the sanctuary, on the north and south sides of the nave. Additional space will be available in the choir loft. Media will not be allowed on the altar. 

Cameras cannot cross the center aisle during the service. To move from one side to the other, media will need to crossover at the back of church.  Camera lights and/or flash photography is not permitted in the church.

An audio mult-box is located near the rear of the southwest side of the church.  To record the procession out of the church, photo/videographers will need to be outside and at a distance that is discreet and respectful of the family.

As always, please follow the on-site directions of staff from the cathedral and archdiocesan communications.