Archbishop to bless 'St. Anne of the Gospel' sacred art in downtown's burgeoning Capitol Park District

Nov 30, 2016

Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 1, will give a blessing to a landmark piece of sacred art that symbolizes the strong Christian heritage of the City of Detroit and will be a mainstay in the city's revitalized art district. Community leaders, business owners, neighbors and clergy will be on hand for the blessing of St. Anne of the Gospel -- which is a tympanum, an arched relief sculpture set above a building entrance.

"This is a sculpture that depicts who we are -- we are the Church in Detroit, in southeast Michigan, offering the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, to our community," said Archbishop Allen Vigneron of the sculpture, which he personally was involved in conceptualizing. "It depicts our patron saint, Saint Anne, and Saint Mary, the mother of Jesus, offering Jesus to the world, because Jesus is the whole point of the life of the Church. I would like all who see it to think about the Church as the place where they can find that treasure."

The blessing will be approximately 20-25 minutes and will consist of readings, hymns and a sprinkling rite with holy water. The ceremony will be live-streamed on the Archdiocese of Detroit Facebook page at

The artwork was commissioned by Archbishop Vigneron and funded by a benefactor when the Archdiocese of Detroit relocated its Chancery to 12 State Street in Capitol Park in February 2015. It was created in Ann Arbor by sculptors Sergei Mitrofanov and Michael Kapetan. It was installed on the historic former Detroit Savings Bank site, which houses the Archdiocese of Detroit Chancery, in August 2016.

The namesake of the relief sculpture is Saint Anne, the grandmother of Jesus, who the Vatican affirmed in 2011 to be the patron saint of the City of Detroit and its archdiocese. The artwork is filled with symbolic imagery, both from the Sacred Scripture and from references to the State of Michigan. A concise guide to the symbolism can be found here.

St. Anne Statue


Blessing of St. Anne of the Gospel sacred art at the entranceway to the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit Chancery in Capitol Park downtown.


Archbishop Allen Vigneron will preside and will be joined by community leaders, neighbors, property owners, and Catholic officials.


3:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1


12 State Street, between Griswold and Woodward. The ceremony will be live streamed on facebook at


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