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Jun 9, 2011
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Joe Kohn, Director of Public Relations

It’s important to again clarify the significance of who the American Catholic Council (ACC) is— what they espouse and the purpose of their conference. Last fall, the Detroit archdiocese posted a point-by-point advisory to the clergy and faithful on its website. It notes "...all of the invited keynote speakers have manifested dissent from Catholic teachings or support for dissenters." In fact, some of those presenting have publicly— sometimes angrily— left the Church or have been dismissed because of their actions.

Certainly, the Roman Catholic faithful have legitimate concerns and aspirations for renewal while remaining grounded in the faith the Church professes and united with their pastors. The Church and Archbishop Vigneron stand ready to support all authentic efforts for renewal in the Church. Regrettably, the ACC conference is not one of them.

The ACC portrays itself as something other than what it is. In effect, it advocates for what it calls "change" by putting Catholic sacraments, Church teachings, and even the sanctity of life up to a vote. That's not even close to liberal or left-leaning thinking; it's beyond a bridge too far. And, it is why the archbishop felt it necessary to issue a warning about attending the conference and its scheduled liturgy.

Ned McGrath
Director of Communications
Archdiocese of Detroit
June 9, 2011

Click here for the position paper from the Archdiocese of Detroit on the American Catholic Council.