Archdiocesan Pastoral Council

The Archdiocesan Pastoral Council (APC) is a body of clerics and parishioners formed to consult the archbishop on important pastoral matters.  The 30-member council represents a cross-section of all parishioners similar to a government body.

The Archdiocesan Pastoral Council has been instrumental in facilitating programs such as Together in Faith Phase II. Although final authority on matters decided by the council rests with the archbishop, himself.

The members are nominated by vicars to serve a two-year term.

  • Active, practicing Catholics in a parish
  • Experienced in strategic planning
  • Current or past member of a parish pastoral council or vicariate pastoral council
  • Participated in Together in Faith pastoral planning in their parish or vicariate

APC Members

Luis Aguirre
At-Large (2018, 1st Term)

Jaclyn Allor
CENTRAL MACOMB (2019, 2nd Term)

Kevin Atkinson
LAKES (2018, 2nd Term)

Marilyn Bachelor
At-large (2019, 1st Term)

Robert Barrette, Jr.
SERF (2017, 1st Term)

Nickolas J. Craanen
MONROE (2017, 1st Term)

Victoria Figueroa
Chair - On Coordinating Committee
TRINITY (2017, 2nd Term)

Barbara Glinski
SOUTH OAKLAND (2018, 2nd Term)

Tressa Komara
On Coordinating Committee
SOUTHWEST (2019, 2nd Term)

Richard Larkins
RENAISSANCE (2017, 1st Term)

Laura Lauer
DOWNRIVER (2017, 2nd Term)

Richard Lewnau
At-Large (2017, 2nd Term)

Robert McBrayer
At-Large (2017, 2nd Term)

Mark Nemecek
On Coordinating Committee
At-Large (2019, 2nd Term)

Kym Nummer
Vice-Chair - On Coordinating Committee
BLUE WATER (2019, 2nd Term)

Susan Phillips
Secretary - On Coordinating Committee
PONTIAC AREA (2018, 1st Term)

Jerry Rauch
At-Large (2018, 2nd Term)
Also ex officio Coordinating Committee

Richard Rice
NORTHWEST WAYNE (2019, 2nd Term)

Walter Roberts
NORTH MACOMB (2019, 1st Term)

Sr. Barbara Rund, OP
Religious Rep. (2017, 2nd Term)

Brian Sadowski
GENESIS (2018, 2nd Term)

Theresa Skora
WEST WAYNE (2017, 1st Term)

James Tingay
THUMB (2019, 1st Term)