Director of Operations

Corpus Christi Parish19800 Pembroke AveDetroit, MI 48219
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Position Description

Position Summary:  Professional administrator serving in a key parish management position in support of the pastor and leadership team.  Oversees physical, financial and personnel resources of the parish and enables other ministries to function effectively.  As a person of faith committed to gospel values and responsible management of resources, helps the parish to fulfill its mission and purpose.
Under the guidance and authority of the Pastor, Parish administrator, provide:
General Responsibilities:
  • Key advisor and assistant to the pastor on matters of parish administration and operation.
  • Ensures smooth coordinated efforts by the parish staff in support of parish activities.
  • Ensures a high level of service and efficiency by the parish office to the parish and its members.
  • Provides oversight and guidance where and when needed or requested to all disciplines.
  • Serve as an engaged parish liaison with key neighborhood constituencies, (e.g. Better Men Outreach, O’Hare Parke Association, Northwest Detroit Youth Coalition and New Hope Non-Profit Housing Corporation.)
  • Participates on an as needed basis in key ministry meetings (e.g. Leadership Team, Finance Council, Parish Council)) as agreed upon with the Pastor
  • Promotes coordination of activities among various ministries, teams, groups and staff.  Ensures cross-functional communication about activities taking place.
  • Creates systems to harness the time, talent and treasure of the parish community (i.e. assist with stewardship efforts)
  • Help to develop and implement a missionary strategic plan, with tactics and initiatives to achieve the parish vision.
  • Help develop and monitor key performance indicators and targets to track progress towards the vision (i.e. Thematic Goals)
  • With the Pastor, help build a joyful, efficient, sustainably engaged and Christ-centered team.
  • Help to build Corpus Christi’s culture around the parish core values; and ensure alignment of Corpus Christi’s activities with core values.
  • Assist in helping with clear communication strategies and efforts both inter-office and parish-wide as needed.
Financial Management & Stewardship
  • Ensure “Best Practices” are being utilized in regards to effective monetary handling.
  • In conjunction with book-keeper, business management consultant, Parish Financial Council and stakeholders, develops and recommends plans for improvements to parish physical plant and operations.
  • Provides input to Finance Council for annual operating budget and long-range capital plan.
  • Gathers input from ministries and parish staff for submission to the Finance Council.
  • Oversee submittal of annual parish budget to AOD for an approval in advance of due date.
  • Coordinates with various ministries and committees to ensure proper controls and procedures over fundraising and merchandise sales activities.
  • Reviews contracts and recommends approval to Pastor; follows up with the Diocese to ensure contracts are properly executed.
  • Facilitates insurance programs for parish, ensuring appropriate property & casualty coverage.
  • In conjunction with the assistance of a book-keeper & business management consultant, oversee parish finances, monitor and analyze cash flow and identify risks and opportunities.
  • Along with the pastor, serve as a liaison as needed with the Parish Finance Council.
  • Ensure excellent stewardship of financial resources by developing and implementing appropriate financial policies for a parish of Corpus Christi’s size.
  • In collaboration with the pastor, key staff members and the Parish Stewardship Committee develop and implement any Archdiocesan or parish campaigns to increase revenue sufficient to fund the strategic plan.
  • Ensure parish activities and resources are aligned with the vision and strategic plan.
General Management
  • Under the guidance and direction of Pastor/Parish Administration, manage the day-to-day operations of the parish, allowing more time for the Pastor/Priest Administration to devote quality time to pastoral ministry (e.g. teaching, sacramental ministry, pastoral visits, evangelization initiatives)
  • Approves time records and administers personnel policies, acts as Human Resources Manager for the lay staff.
  • Recommends personnel actions, including performance and salary evaluations, to the Pastor as appropriate.
  • Manages physical security program for parish, to ensure control of keys, alarm systems and surveillance systems.
  • Meet with current vendors to evaluate and conduct vendor audit checklist.
  • Oversees parish records retention program, especially records for Protecting God’s Children. 
  • Oversees information technology plans for the parish ensuing the parish has appropriate equipment, software, networking tools and effective security of data and information system.
  • Establishes collaborative working relationship with key stakeholders with the Archdiocese of Detroit.
  • Identify areas of inefficiency; develop and implement improved processes and procedures.
  • Ensure the development of job descriptions and annual goals, and the continuation of annual performance review for each employee.
  • Monitor progress towards annual objectives; correct where necessary.
  • Assist the Pastor in preparing for staff meetings as needed and with internal communications.
  • Conduct one-on-one meetings with direct reports as needed.
  • Attend strategic partnership meetings outside the parish, including at the Chancery, and with other churches and community organizations.
  • Ensure compliance with all of the Archdiocese’s current policies and procedures.
  • Under the direction of the Pastor, lead the sourcing, interviewing and selection of personnel.
  • Keep all parish policies and procedures up-to-date; ensure the staff is well trained on the policies and procedures and that they are followed.
  • Assist with other duties as requested by the Pastor within a reasonable scope of working hours (health & well-being is desired and encouraged for all on staff at Corpus Christi).


Education/Experience: Requires Bachelor’s degree in Business or a related field (with a minimum of 6 accounting/finance classes). 5 years’ experience in business/accounting and management, 2 years’ experience in directing plant and maintenance operations, and at least 2 years’ of human resources experience needed as well. Must have a solid understanding of Catholic culture, parish operations and an openness to understanding the unique dynamics of a multicultural faith community.  Must have great communication and leadership skills, and a familiarity with Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron’s Pastoral Letter Unleash the Gospel.
The Archdiocese of Detroit is an equal opportunity employer that does not illegally discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, height, weight, genetic information, marital or other legally protected status. Job ID:105233